Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung

Market Entry

Successful market entry through sound market evaluation.

In our globalized economic world, expansion into international markets is at the forefront of many companies’ minds. However, launching products in new markets is associated with numerous challenges, especially when it comes to such a highly competitive and multi-layered business location as Germany. To meet these challenges and ensure a successful market launch, careful planning and strategic market research are essential.

The German Institute for Product and Market Assessment specializes in advising international companies that intend to launch their products and services on the German market. The comprehensive consulting service aims to verify market opportunities, identify demand through product evaluations and determine optimal market positioning through advanced, AI-based market research methods.

Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung

Consulting and analysis

The basis of the consulting approach is in-depth market research aimed at gaining a detailed understanding of the German market in the respective sector. This goes far beyond the analysis of typical key figures such as market size and growth potential and includes the current competitive landscape, consumer preferences and current trends with the help of qualitative research methods.

Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung

Product strategy

Another crucial aspect of our consulting services is product evaluation. Here we analyze how the product or service is perceived by potential customers and what adjustments need to be made to meet the needs and expectations of the German market. This phase is essential in order to correctly identify demand and adapt the product strategy accordingly.

market research

We use AI-based technologies to validate our market analysis. This enables us to process large amounts of data efficiently and gain deeper insights into consumer behavior. With the help of machine learning algorithms, we can identify patterns and trends that are not immediately apparent to the human eye. This technology helps us to determine the optimal positioning for the product or service on the German market and to develop customized marketing strategies.

Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung