Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung


Comprehensive assurance and verification

We ensure the highest quality standards through qualitative and quantitative analysis and detailed testing based on industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our team of experts conducts thorough assessments to confirm the conformity, safety and performance of the products or services.

Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung

Product tests

Definition of the test criteria

At the beginning, we define the specific test criteria that are tailored to the respective product type and the applicable industry standards.

Selection of test methods

We select the appropriate test methods based on the defined criteria. This decision depends on the type of product, the properties to be tested and the specific requirements. We use a variety of test methods, including mechanical, electrical and performance-based tests, to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

Carrying out the tests

The product tests are carried out at the institute or on site at the manufacturer’s premises. Our product testers ensure compliance with specially developed safety protocols and quality control procedures to guarantee the integrity of the test results.

Analysis and evaluation

Once the tests have been completed, our experts carefully analyze the data obtained to determine whether and to what extent the product meets the specified criteria. This phase includes not only the evaluation of the test results, but also the identification of possible deviations or weak points in the product.

As an independent testing institute, we focus on the comprehensive assurance and verification of quality standards in the product development and manufacture of consumer goods across all product areas. Our approach is based on in-depth knowledge and goes beyond the application of internationally recognized standards and guidelines. This is how we ensure the quality, safety, reliability and performance of products.

Consideration of ISO standards and industry-specific standards

The quality audits are based on ISO standards, in particular ISO 9001, which defines a quality management system. Among other things, we evaluate how companies implement this system to achieve continuous improvement and increased customer satisfaction. In addition, we look at industry-specific standards such as IATF 16949 in the automotive industry to ensure that products meet the specific requirements of their industries.

Review of process quality

Our inspections can also include the evaluation of production processes. In doing so, we identify optimization potential and promote the minimization of errors and rejects. We rely on proven methods such as Six Sigma and lean manufacturing, which contribute directly to increasing product quality.

Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung