Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung
Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung

Quality assurance

through sound
product and market evaluation

Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung

Make the right purchase decision with an independent seal of approval.

For consumers, the quality seals of the German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation offer essential guidance in the decision-making process by enabling clear differentiation according to qualitative and sustainability criteria. Quality seals act as trustworthy measures that strengthen the transparency and credibility of brands. The systematic evaluation of products, services and corporate practices, which results in certification and the awarding of quality seals, is an integral part of quality assurance and sustainable corporate management. These processes not only provide valuable feedback for companies regarding their development and work performance, but also serve as effective marketing tools. This dynamic interaction between companies and consumers not only promotes increased market transparency, but also helps to increase awareness of and demand for sustainable and responsible products.


Sustainability concepts face significant challenges in product development and manufacturing as well as in the provision of services, which require a continuous evolution of these concepts. Through the use of evidence-based analyses and careful on-site review of implementation, it is possible to generate a well-founded assessment for companies. This is based on essential criteria such as environmental protection, social responsibility, transparency and economic efficiency. Our methodical approach contributes significantly to the promotion of innovation, commitment to sustainable business practices and social responsibility of the assessed companies.


By using qualitative and quantitative analysis methods as well as in-depth hands-on testing procedures, we ensure that the highest quality standards are checked and guaranteed, based on specific industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our interdisciplinary team of experts conducts comprehensive assessments aimed at verifying and validating the conformity, safety and performance of the products or services tested.


Customer opinion is a key indicator for the evaluation of products and services. The German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation regularly conducts panel surveys to systematically collect surveys in various product and service areas. This methodically collected data provides deep insights into consumer preferences and perceptions, supports the identification of market trends and contributes to the optimization of customer orientation.

The quality and differentiation of products and services are increasingly determining the success of companies and brands.

The German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation offers essential services in the areas of product testing, quality testing and market research. Through the use of advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods, including representative consumer panel surveys, The Institute generates accurate data and insights that serve as the basis for comprehensive assessments and certifications.

Our work is driven by the desire to contribute to increasing product quality and promoting innovation through evidence-based findings and analysis. We position ourselves as a strategic partner for companies looking to refine their products and services and expand their market position, while serving as a reliable source of information for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung